Bangor H1N1 Vaccine Clinic Opens to Everyone 

An H1N1 vaccine clinic got underway Monday at the Bangor Civic Center.But unlike previous clinics, where lines stretched out the doors with hundreds of people, they’ve been seeing smaller crowds, and shorter wait times.”It was very simple, very quick,” says Farrah Mugnai, of Brewer.During the clinic’s morning hours, they tell us the wait was never more than a half-hour– though some parents say they would have stayed as long as it took to get the H1N1 vaccine.”We have three kids and we have one baby at home and we just really don’t want to have to deal with one more illness this winter,” says Amy Hart, of Houlton.”I mean he gets his regular shot for seasonal flu. H1N1 scares me a little more. I just wanted to make sure that he was all set,” Mugnai says.They had eight-thousand doses of the vaccine. First priority went to at-risk populations. That includes pregnant women, anyone around infants younger than six months, kids and young people, and adults with medical conditions.Midway through the day, they opened the clinic up to include all EMS and healthcare workers, and by the end of the day, it was open to everyone.”This is still a very new virus. Not everyone has been exposed to it, therefore they may not have immunity to it,” says Kathy Knight, director, Northeastern Maine Regional Resource Center.Infectious disease specialists say we could see a third wave of the virus in February and March, which is why they’re still asking people to get vaccinated.”The vaccine is flowing into the state more rapidly at this point in time. So we anticipate very soon we’ll have adequate supply to vaccinate every Mainer that wishes to be vaccinated. And we’re very much urging everyone to get this vaccine,” Knight says.”It’s definitely worth it,” Hart says. “We’ve been waiting to get these shots for a long time.”The clinic is open until 8 p.m. Monday.If you have questions about the vaccine, you can visit or call: 1-888-257-0990.