Congregation Beth El in Bangor Holds Family Chanukah Service 

Friday was the first night of the Jewish holiday Chanukah, also known as the festival of lights.And Saturday morning Congregation Beth El in Bangor held a family Chanukah service.Meghan Hayward has the story.” Oh dreidel, dreidel dreidel I made it out of clay.”Children were singing and dancing along to the music at the Congregation Beth El in Bangor.And learning all about the Chanukah holiday.” Well it’s special to me because we get presents and we celebrate the oil that lasted for eight days.”Six-year-old Micah Sher was happy to take part in the service.His favorite song, dreidel, dreidel.” Because I have dreidels at home.”Chanukah lasts eight days.The holiday is celebrated by lighting a candle on the Menorah each night.Rabbi Darah Lerner says services like this are great for the children.” To teach our children. This is the best way to bring generation to generation this information. As adults it’s important to continue the conversation and continue to learn ourselves and expand our knowledge but ofcourse we always start with our kids.”Lerner says Chanukah is actually more of a minor holiday in the Jewish faith.” But because of all of the fun, the joy and marketing of Christmas Chanukah takes on a particular importance especially for kids in communities that have so much of that around them. It’s fun to have a holiday where you can be the center of attention and the part where you get a few gifts doesn’t hurt either.”Lerner says the best part about Chanukah is the reminder of how a small bit of light can shine so bright in the darkness.