Hancock Students Collect ‘Pennies for Peace’ 

There’s a message of peace spreading through a Downeast school. Students there are raising money for other kids, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and they’re doing it one penny at a time.These sixth graders are counting out Pennies for Peace.”I think it’s important to help other kids that don’t have as much as we do,” says Sophie Squire.It’s part of an international money-raising campaign to help promote peace in remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, by building schools and giving kids there the tools they need to learn.”Well especially for the girls, because they weren’t really allowed to go to school very much, so it’s very important to them there. Mostly kids here take it for granted,” says Courtney Wasson.”In Korphe, before they had a school, they only had a teacher every other day,” says Jared Brown. “And they would just go out in the field and study the days they didn’t have a teacher.”Teachers at Hancock Grammar School say the program’s a way to incorporate current events into their classroom. And they’ve been inspired to teach culture through lessons in art, reading, math and more.”I think it’s really cool, because some people are very different from us in America,” Courtney says.”I made this brochure. It has a bunch of things about Pennies for Peace, and I gave them to first graders because that’s who I’m working with,” says Jenna Hudson.The whole school is getting involved. After just a couple weeks, they’ve nearly filled this trash can with pennies. They hope to fill at least one more by the end of January.”One hundred thousand pennies, which is one thousand dollars,” Jenna says.”I hope they will be able to build schools,” Courtney says, “and get the supplies they need for them.”For more information on Pennies for Peace, you can visit the program’s Web site.