Tax Pro: No Need to Wait to File for Homebuyer Credit 

Some local tax professionals are hearing questions from first-time homebuyers, after new IRS rules went into effect last month.Stacey Hussey works at H&R Block in Bangor.She says many people were waiting until 2009 to claim their first-time homebuyer tax credit— instead of filing an amended 2008 return— so they’d be able to file online.But the IRS now says people will still have to mail in 2009 returns, since settlement papers have to be attached.Hussey says that means some people have been waiting for no reason.”There are going to be a lot of people that are saying, you know, I should have filed that back in November. And the information just wasn’t out there. So I just really want people to be aware that you can absolutely wait, but it’s not going to be able to be filed electronically,” she says.Hussey says the current processing time for returns with the homebuyer credit is around three to four months.She says the IRS website is a good resource for people with questions.