Attorneys in Calais Upset over Processing of Service Papers in Washington County 

Attorneys in Calais have come to the city council with problems they say they’re having with the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.The issues have been passed on to the Sheriff and are being discussed at Thursday’s council meeting.Meghan Hayward reports.”It’s the inability to get a prompt service and also the atrocious amount of money we pay for a service to process.”Currently, there are three deputies throughout Washington County that can serve documents.” We don’t see complaints from anyone else. We serve papers for everybody in the county, attorneys across the state and across the country, and we don’t receive any complaints.”Smith says he didn’t know there was a problem, but he’s willing to try and come up with a solution.”But I can’t upset the entire civil process division to satisfy a few.”So what exactly do the attorneys want changed?”If there was a deputy in Calais, the mileage would be just a mile or two.”Attorney John Churchill says he’s seen the high cost of service in Washington County first hand.He had papers served in both Penobscot County and Washington County in November. “The total bill for Penobscot was $18.02 and $3.52 was travel expenses. The service in Washington County was $86.90 with 63.36 in travel expenses.”” The only way I could avoid having any mileage per say would be, I’d have to have a civil processor deputy in every single town. Which I believe there are 44 towns in this county. It’s just not possible.”Smith says of all the documents they serve, Calais makes up a small amount.” We have served a little over 1.800 papers so far in 2009 and .02 percent came from Calais attorneys, so it’s a very small number.”Meghan Hayward, WABI TV5 News, Machias.>