UMaine Graduate and Inventor speaks in Hermon 

”If you’re not unique, you better be cheap.”That was the oft-repeated message at the Bangor Chamber of Commerce’s Early Bird Breakfast on Wednesday. University of Maine graduate, and author and inventor, Doug Hall was the guest speaker.Hall is known for his “Jump Dtart” book series, as well as his appearance on the ABC television series American Inventor.He started his inventing career at age 12 and is now the founder and CEO of the Eureka Ranch, located in Cincinnati.But Hall says he is partial to the state of Maine, and especially UMaine.Several of his family members are Maine graduates.He says the UMaine connection to business is crucial.”We can do it in the State of Maine, especially in the Bangor area. If you look around the country all the regions where you see growth from North Carolina research triangle to Cambridge, Massachusetts to northern California it’s all about being connected to the universities. And the University of Maine is here to help.”The Eureka Ranch specializes in creating new products and services for corporate clients that include American Express, Nike and the Walt Disney Company.