Local Business Booming from First Big Snowstorm 

This first big snow storm of the year has one local business booming.As Meghan Hayward tells us a lot of Mainers have waited until the last minute to get their vehicles ready for winter.The folks at Tires, Batteries and Accessories in Bangor are seeing customers line up before they’re even open.”This whole week has been absolutely insane. But we’re trying to accommodate our customers. Getting in early and doing everything we can.”Owner Al Belanger says folks can expect to wait a little over two hours.He says they’ve put on about 800 tires since Sunday, and there’s no end in sight.”Oh probably 300 tires just today.”Belanger says the sudden boom in business is always expected this time of year.”Every year. We do live in Maine. We do get snow around the same time every year.”He says there are a few things drivers should keep an eye on this time of year.”Make sure you watch your air pressure, your battery. Check your wiper blades, anti-freeze. All the normal stuff we have to do every year.”And, Belanger jokes that he has an easy way for folks to tell if it’s time for new tires.”If your tires look like my head, you need new ones.”