Large Trucks Stuck on a Hill in Dixmont for Three Hours 

Close to 10 large trucks were stuck on a hill in dixmont for over 3 hours Wednesday.A scene that many truck drivers say is a perfect example of why the trucking project Senator Collins is promoting should be passed.All the trucks were struck on a hill along Route 202 because there was no sand on it.This is a normal path they follow because current weight limits say their rigs are too heavy for part of the highway in Maine.For many of the drivers, the delay means a day without pay because their loads will not be delivered on time.But they say, more importantly, them being stuck poses a danger to other motorists.” It’s unsafe. I was stuck on top of the hill and I had to go back all the way down as cars were coming. I had to stop, we could jack-knife. There’s a lot of dangers.”” It’s a major traffic hazard. We’re not out here because we want to be, we’re out here because the law tells us we have to be. Now it’s to the point where there are 8 to 10 trucks down here that are waiting to go up the hill and we can’t. I had to back down and I met a school bus, it’s just dangerous.”We spoke with the Eastern Region Manager for Maine DOT Dale Doughty who released this statement.” It does take an hour to two, to make a cycle around.And at times when it’s snowing hard, the snow will pack and become slippery depending on the type of snow. But that does not mean we won’t get to it.”