Husson & NESCOM Ease Finals Tension 

Students at Husson and New England School of Communications in Bangor took a breather from finals and were treated to their annual ice cream social Wednesday afternoon. Anne Schmidt is the Coordinator for Student Activities at Husson was on hand to help serve the students ice cream. “They love this,” says Schmidt, “faculty comes out and scoop ice cream for them so they love it. It’s something fun to do especially on a snowy day like this when classes are cancelled and they didn’t have anywhere else to go but come here and get cake and ice cream.” Jeanette Hallett is a freshman at Husson and says she looks forward to these functions.”I love ice cream!” says Holland, “I love when Husson does these little socials like this because it’s a great way to obviously get awesome things like ice cream but it’s also a way to interact with people you’ve never met before and like it.” Michael Gray is a in his second year at NESCOM. “I love ice cream social and I’m really glad they put this on because it’s probably the only thing I’ll eat today.”The event turned into a duel celebration as Husson honored their beloved President Bill Beardsley, who’s retiring after 22 years at the school. “I thought it was an ice cream social and I come over here and have the kids put together a scrapbook and a key to the university it’s really quite touching,” Beardsley says.Beardsley reflected on what Husson has become under his watch. “Our business programs are prospering. we’re now in these doctoral programs pharmacy, physical therapy, and God willing law school coming down the pike. It really is exciting.”Amanda Nadeau is part of the student government and helped organize the surprise for President Beardsley. “He has meant everything to institution,” she says, “without him we would not be where we are today. He has made so many changes to this university and now it’s come so far.”So what does life after Husson have in store for Beardsley? “I’m looking at several different possibilities, a little bit of a possibility of politics who knows what.”