Bob Marley in Bangor 

Comedian Bob Marley will be in Bangor tomorrow for the premiere of the sequel to the hit movie Boondock Saints.The new movie is called Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day.In the movie Marley plays Detective Greenly, a police officer.Ray Harrington, event coordinator for the Bangor Mall Cinemas, says they are excited about the premiere. “It’s very exciting. I know they had a big movie premiere in Westbrook recently and it was a big turnout. Things are going to be very exciting. It’s a great opportunity for Bangor to have a big premiere movie event right here at home.”Marley will be at the Bangor Mall Cinemas tomorrow evening for both the eight o’clock and ten o’clock showing of the movie.Before the each show he will be running a question and answer session..Tickets are still available.