Pam McLain Speaks On Daughter’s Death 

A federal judge raised a few eyebrows in a Bangor courtroom yesterday while sentencing a Millinocket man on child pornography charges. The judge asked Phillp Scott Fournier to tell police everything he knows about the killing of an East Millinocket girl 30 years ago.Pam Mclain says she wasn’t surprised to hear that the 48-year-old Fournier was a person of interest in the 1980 killing of her daughter Joyce Mclain. “I’ve always known Scott. His name has always been brought up in Joyce’s murder.”Mclain says she was surprised that Judge John Woodcock was the one who brought this up. She says police have a list of several persons of interest, and she has had face-to-face talks with four of those people. “I ask them to come over and they know what they’re here for and we have a long conversation,” says McLain, “sometimes it lasts 3 or 4 hours and I really badger them.”One of the people she had a conversation with was Phillip Scott Fournier, who she knows as Scott. “Scott Fournier I talked to last summer.”McLain says she came away from that meeting unsure whether Fournier had something to do with the death of her daughter. Fournier allegedly stole an oil truck the night of the killing and Mclain says that was suspicious. “When he had the oil truck, it was after midnight so it was on the night and it was very early in the morning on Saturday,” she says, “do I think he might have seen something or know something? He was running from something.”Mclain says her faith has gotten her this far and she feels an arrest will come soon. She does have a message for those who may know something about that horrible night 30 years ago. “If they would go public with their story, where they was, what they were doing, and look people in the eye and say they didn’t kill Joyce, it might help get the one that did. If they didn’t do it, come forward and say so.”TV 5 spoke with Phillip Scott Fournier’s attorney, Virginia Villa, she says it’s common knowledge that Fournier is a person of interest in the case, and she has never seen a judge do this in open court before.