Clean Air Bill Introduced at Acadia 

They say it’s a way to make the view at Acadia National Park even better.State officials gathered there Tuesday. State Senator Seth Goodall is introducing a new bill aimed at improving air quality and clearing up regional haze.His bill calls for reducing the sulfur content of fuel oil that’s used in homes and in industry, which he says reduces visibility.At times, he says haze makes the view in spots like Acadia just one-fifth of what it would be otherwise.”There’s a big movement in the market now to produce more low-sulfur fuels. So it’s a good thing, not only for our economy, but also for our health,” says Sen. Goodall.He’s proposing a gradual reduction, that would start in 2014 and extend into 2018, which he says would give producers and distributors ample notice.The bill will be on the docket in the upcoming legislative session, which starts next month.