All Saints Catholic School Baby Toy Collection 

Local mothers and babies in need will get a lot of help this holiday season.Thanks to the students at All Saints Catholic School in Bangor.Meghan Hayward has the story.Students at the All Saints Catholic School in Bangor are in the giving spirit this holiday season.”Students traditionally have done a collection of baby items that are then distributed to moms and babies in need in the area.”All donated items will be taken to the St. Andre Home in Bangor, a group home for young mothers and their babies.Principal Marcia Diamond says the collection is always a hit with the students.”Baby gifts are something they can relate to. They’re all children and they know babies and love babies. And so this is one of their favorites to know they’re helping babies that need their help.”Eighth-grader Ellen Coddington donated baby lotion and shampoo.”This school we do a lot of things to help the community. And it leaves a big imprint on us to help when we’re adults to do whatever we can to help this community.”The event coincides with the Roman Catholic Church’s celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.”We’re honoring Mary but this is Christmastime so we think about the birth of Jesus. So we connect that by doing what we call a baby shower for Mary. Which then of course gets gifts that are for babies in the area.”Diamond expects to have close to 1,000 items to donate.”We’re hoping that’s going to show an overflow of our service but also our love for all those in our area.”