New Veterans Lounge at UCB 

On this anniversary of Pearl Harbor University College of Bangor opened their new veterans lounge.The school was the only one in New England to receive a national grant to boost support of veterans in higher education.The grant came from the American Council on Education and the Wal-Mart Foundation.The lounge will be a place where veterans on campus can gather and have a place where they know they are surrounded by people who have had similar experiences.Which is going to increase an already positive college experience for some of the veterans enrolled at the school.”This veterans lounge is icing on the cake,” said Patricia Violette who is a student at the school and also a veteran. “It’s pretty amazing that they would recognize a group of individuals and you don’t realize how many veterans there are until you start in class, hey I served here or I served here and even the staff and instructors.”University College of Bangor is an extension of the University of Maine at Augusta.The lounge is designed to enhance and expand their military offerings.It has a table and chairs, a couch, a TV and a computer for the veterans to use.