Designer Cakes 

Joy Hollowell

Decorated cakes have taken on a whole new meaning since the Food Network launched such shows as “Cake Boss” and “Ace of Cakes.”A woman in Bangor is showing she too can take the cake.Joy Hollowell introduces us to the owner of Gateau Maison.=======At first glance, they look like sculptures. But this artwork is edible. Laurie Berry is the woman behind these eye catching cakes.”I had taken a class, just a plain, simple little after school type butter cream cake making class. And it kind of started a little spark with me,” says Laurie.She began experimenting, and quickly discovered a knack for creative confections.”I’m a visual person,” says Laurie, “so when I see something, I kind of break it down, and kind of hands on, do it that way.”About a year ago, Laurie decided to try selling her designer desserts. She started her own business, Gateau Maison, which means cake house in french.”Right here in my kitchen,” says Laurie.”Just you?” “Just me, I’m a one man show.”Laurie shows our camera crew some of her decorating techniques.”I am going to put a little bit of snow on my pine cone.””This cake here can take me up to a week to do, just to doing that fondant and the materials that go on it.””It’s funny, the simpler the cake is, honestly, the more difficult it can be, because you really have to be clean and you really have to perfect, every little thing. You can’t hide your mistakes,” says Laurie.Laurie’s custom cakes start at fifty dollars, and this self acclaimed sweet tooth promises they taste as good as they look.”When I’m craving something, it’s usually cake. I don’t as much anymore. Since I started the business, it slowed down a little bit, but yes, I love cake,” says Laurie.Joy Hollowell, WABI TV 5 News, Bangor.========Laurie Berry does offer delivery service.She says she’s open to just about any kind of designer cake.Laurie can be reached at 262-3296 or 356-8780. You can also email her at [email protected]