Coming Together to Remember: Pearl Harbor 

It happened on this day, 68 years ago. The attack on Pearl Harbor brought people together throughout America today to remember.Locally, folks gathered along the Kenduskeag Stream footbridge in downtown Bangor.”It is this sort of comradeship that lives through succeeding generations…because we know that neither time, nor events, can separate those who have joined in the common defense of our flag and our country.”Sixty-eight years after the attacks that killed more than two thousand people, the date which will live in infamy is also a day to come together.”It means freedom for our country, and having the honor to serve,” says Bob McDonald of Bangor, a World War II veteran. “All the men and women who’ve served should be proud.””To all of you who served ahead of me, I salute. And to those yet to serve, I challenge you never to quit. And remember the hallowed words of duty, honor and country.”For World War II veteran Louis Pare of Brewer, December 7th, 1941, changed the rest of his life.”I quit high school to join the Marines. My parents signed for me,” Pare says.He says the feeling during the rememberance ceremony is hard to describe, but seeing the flag and his fellow veterans is impactful.”It’s emotional,” he says.A plaque is being installed to honor Willard Carleton Orr, the only Bangor resident killed in the attacks.Folks there say it’s a marker to his sacrifice, and that of others who serve.”Some sacrificing their lives, all sacrificing time away from their families, and putting themselves in danger for the rest of our country,” says LCDR Dustin Smiley. “It’s something that we need to remember not only on these special occasions, but every day.”