Fair Trade Champion Awards 

MIke Michaud was recognized for his efforts toward fair trade Saturday in Waterville.As Meghan Hayward tells us, while they have made huge strides, they still have more to do.” I think it always important to recognize folks that make a difference and to celebrate that. I think we make changes by coming together and change never happens as far the result of one person. It happens as a result of movements and collaborations.”The Maine Fair Trade Campaign feels congressman Mike Michaud and Maine resident Matt Schlobohm deserve to be recognized for their efforts.Both received the Fair Trade Champion award.A first time for the honor but one coordinators says will become an annual one.” Right now the rules we have that are governing our economy are hurting Maine, are hurting Maine workers and our environment. And in order to make that change we need to recognize the people that are leading us in that fight.”Coordinator Daphne Loring says Michaud was recognized because of his outstanding leadership and creativity for fair trade policy and his ability to generate the public’s support.Michaud says he’s honored to receive the award.” That’s something I’ve been fighting for ever since I’ve been a member of congress and making progress. I am very pleased to see the Trade Act is only 3 members short of having the majority of the democratic caucus on board.”Loring says Schlobohm has also done a great deal to help the cause.” He’s done a wonderful job at bringing together all sorts of people throughout the state who are affected by this terrible model in terms of worker’s rights, the environment and our democracy.”Schlobohm says he is humbled by the award.” It’s nice to be recognized in that company. Trying to make sure people have good paying jobs and a safe environment.”And the one message they all want folks to know.” We can have trade that works for Mainers, that works for people. And if we get behind the Trade Act and Fair Trade we’ll be able to do that.”