Husson University Community Rallies Together after Graffiti Invaded Campus 

The Husson University community has rallied together after graffiti invaded campus.As Meghan Hayward explains, students are trying to make something good out of something ugly.”Well a couple days ago, we noticed there had been some spray painting done on a building and after that, we realized it was more extensive than that.”Green spray paint was discovered at Husson University on two brass eagles that were donated by alumni.They also found green paint on the Bell Tower, Peabody Hall, O’Donnell Commons and a walkway.News of the graffiti damage traveled fast and upset many students.”The students are outraged to the point where I feel really good about it. They are coming to us saying, what is this all about? How could something like this happen here? It’s not what we do. They are angry and outraged. It’s kind of brought them together in a way to try and see if we can come up with a solution for it.””I was upset. I truly believe whoever did this does not care about this school and what the eagles represent to us. And the fact that they were a present to the students. And this is what we are about, school spirit.”Husson University officials do not know who’s responsible for the vandalism.”We are doing everything we can to find out. This is not a prank. This is vandalism at it’s worst.”As soon as the vandalism was discovered, the Husson community rallied together to remove the graffiti.”I think that we’re a small school and are very connected. The students I have talked to are very upset at the fact that a small group or one person can do that and distraught the whole community.””We think it’s important to put our community back together, get our home back together like anyone would after an act of senseless violence.”Anyone with any information about the vandalism is asked to call the Campus Safety and Security Office at 941-7911.