Wreaths Across America 

This Sunday, Morrill Worcester of Worcester Wreath Company will be taking a trip to Arlington National Cemetery.He’ll be delivering wreaths that will be placed on the graves of those buried there.It’s an idea that he had 18 years, and has blossomed into an organization that touches thousands of people around the country.Trucks are being loaded at Worcester Wreath in Harrington.They’ll soon be off to more than 400 destinations, all because of an idea company owner Morrill Worcester had back in 1992.That year, he had too many wreaths.”So I got the idea of possibly donating those wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery.”Worcester had been there as a boy, and the sight stuck with him.He drove to Arlington 18 years ago, and with the help of a few other people, he spent six hours laying wreaths on all the graves. He continued to do so year after year, as his own personal tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.But it all changed in 2005, when a Pentagon photographer took a picture.”He put it on the internet along with a poem, and it just went around the world”The idea, touched the hearts of so many people, who wanted to get involved.Now Wreaths Across America, literally stretches across America. 150,000 wreaths have been sponsored this year by companies, organizations and individuals, and it’s estimated there are now 60,000 volunteers involved. Wreaths will be placed at hundreds of sites.Worcester will be at Arlington along with about 10,000 other people.That means, unlike the first years, Worcester will probably only get to lay one wreath. But that’s O.K., he’s happy to see so many people, also showing their gratitude to those who helped make our country what it is.”This is a tremendous country, this is the #1 country in the world, and it’s because of the people that have given the ultimate sacrifice for all of us, and I think that really has to be driven home to the kids, the next generation and generations to come.”On Sunday, The Wreaths Across America Convoy will make a stop at the Bangor Civic Center at 11:00 AM, then at 1:30 PM they’ll be at the new Veterans Memorial Park in Hermon. They hope lots of people will stop by to join them in ceremonies, then they’ll take off on their voyage to Virginia.For more information on the program, you can log onto