Webster Plantation Homicide Investigation Continues As Family Member Speaks Out 

As the investigation continues into the deaths of Michael and Valerie Miller, a cousin of one of the victims is speaking out about the horrible crime.Rebecca Bickford of Corinth says she was stunned by the news that her cousin Valerie and her husband, Mike, were killed. She says she’s also afraid to talk much about how they died, for fear of her family’s safety. Bickford says she, and other family members have their suspicions about who may have been involved the killings, but she won’t speak publicly about those suspicions until police make an arrest.Bickford says she’ll remember the Millers as very kind and giving people who would do anything to help their friends and family. “They were just really great,” says Bickford, “Val and I would talk for hours when I would go over there and she was wonderful and Mike was a very hard worker. He worked for 29 years at Walpool and he did what he had to to bring his family out of this economy.”Bickford says she recognizes the woman in the sketch released by police but can’t remember the woman’s name. Authorities believe the woman in the sketch was seen at the Miller home the morning their bodies were found.State police are interviewing family, friends and neighbors of the Millers as they investigate the case, but Bickford says they haven’t talked with her yet.