New Cancer Center Shows Off Technology, Treatment Areas 

Folks at the new Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer opened their doors Wednesday. Soon, they’ll be treating patients from all around the state.The new outpatient cancer treatment center is a joint effort from Eastern Maine Medical Center, and the Maine Institute for Human Genetics and Health.The center has new technology, like a state-of-the-art radiation treatment machine. They say it’s the first of its kind in Maine, and cuts some treatment times down by more than half. Having the machine here also means families won’t have to travel all the way to Boston to seek care.Folks who will work in the new center say it’s those kinds of benefits that will really mean a lot to patients.”It’s exciting. Just that any type of treatment a doctor would prescribe can be delivered here,” says Larry Hambrick, chemical radiation physicist.”I have great staff that take excellent care of patients now and they will continue to do so here. Now they have the room, the space and the tools they need to do their job efficiently,” says Brenda Joslyn, manager of nursing services.Joslyn says the chemotherapy treatment area was designed according to what patients said they wanted. It’s a bright, big space with large windows. It also has private rooms with dim lights, and adjoining bathrooms.They say the new space would not have been possible without donations from people all around Maine.CancerCare of Maine treats nearly seven thousand patients.