Bangor City Manager to Take Lewiston Job 

Bangor’s city manager, Ed Barrett, has a new job.Wednesday, he accepted the role of city administrator in Lewiston. The city council there voted him in unanimously Tuesday night.He starts his new position January 11th.”I’ll do my best to bring people together working for the common good, be receptive to new ideas and opportunities wherever they come from, and to be honest and forthright in what I recommend…although I recognize that those recommendations might not always be accepted,” Barrett said during a press conference in Lewiston Wednesday morning.Recently, city councilors in Bangor voted to end Barrett’s 22-year tenure by April.”When there’s a jewel out there you don’t pass it up. Lewiston, as I understand it, has some serious problems with their financial situation and they understood Ed Barrett is one of the best,” says Bangor councilor Hal Wheeler.”We were fortunate to have Ed Barrett with us as long as he was, but quite honestly, as I said, I think this change will be good for him,” says Bangor councilor David Nealley.The change comes sooner than some expected, and an immediate replacement hasn’t been named. Bangor councilors plan to hire an executive search firm by the end of January.”Initially, I think our assistant city manager will help fill the void,” Nealley says, of Bob Farrar. “We have a wealth of institutional knowledge with our department heads. We have very capable people at city hall, so Bangor is in pretty good shape moving forward.”Some councilors say Bangor is in a different place than when Barrett was hired, and has different needs. But many wish him well.”I want to congratulate the Lewiston council for making a very wise decision. They’ve got a first-class administrator,” Wheeler says. “But I know Ed’s heart will always be in Bangor.”The council’s finance committee is expected to talk about the plan to hire a search firm at their next meeting, Monday night.Meanwhile, some residents are still gathering signatures on a petition, to recall the five councilors who would not vote to reinstate Barrett to his role as city manager of Bangor.