Acadia Expands Recovery Program 

The folks at acadia hospital have expanded one of their very successful recovery programs.”Moving On” is an out patient abstinence based program. It has been going on for 18 months and has helped more than 50 clients at any given point. The program is being expanded to two tracks. Track one will help those who are in the early stages of recovery. Track two will be designed for folks who are further along in the process.Brent Scobiee, administrator of Acadia Hospital’s substance abuse programs, says this is a more affordable alternative to in patient programs. “The recovery programs in moving on are really designed to teach people basic recovery skills, engage their families, their community, and get them back to a functional level in society. As well as to integrate them into 12 step programs in the community such as AA for example.”Each track will run Monday through Friday at Acadia Hospital. from 8:00am to 11am.They accept walk-ins, but folks can also call ahead to schedule an evaluation.