World AIDS Network Celebrated Throughout Maine 

December first is World AIDS day.Many local organizations were doing their part to get information out.Meghan Hayward reports.” We want to let people know that it has not gone away. It is still affecting people and for some reason people think it has disappeared and it hasn’t.”Organizations all across the state were getting that message out as part of World AIDS Day.HIV community leaders were at the state house stressing the severity of the epidemic.” So we’re here to say that we must continue to move forward with prevention and care and to make sure everybody has the ability to live a healthy and happy life regardless of their HIV status.”According to the Maine CDC, more than 1,300 people are living with HIV infection in Maine. The most prevalent cases are between the ages of 40 and 49.” We know that HIV prevention is our best way to move forward with this. We have affective models of preventing the spread of HIV. And every case of HIV we prevent from not happening not only saves lives by saves the state millions of dollars.”The Eastern Maine AIDS Network and the University of Maine Peer Education Program were also bringing awareness to the Orono campus.Sean Weber of the network says they had a huge turn-out at their table.” The number of people that has stopped by has been pretty good. We started with 450 bags of condoms and we’re down to 50 or 60 of them.”Webber says a message that really hits home is one he was sporting on his shirt.” This is actually a number and it actually hits home with people. They actually see something and are like wow, every ten minutes someone is affected.”