Town Buys Homes to Demolish 

Six homes in Winslow could be gone in the next month or so.The now vacant houses are on Dellaire Street.Over the past couple years, they’ve been a point of controversy. Questions about safety have been raised considering the homes are sitting on a former landfill.With the help from a FEMA grant, the town purchased the homes from the owners, some of whom were not happy with the deal.Over the next few weeks, local fire department crews will conduct training exercises at the homes.Waterville and Winslow Fire Chief David LaFountain says the training is something hundreds of firefighters will benefit from. “We can fill them up with smoke. Practice doing searches in smoke, working with thermal imaging cameras, throwing ladders. There are a lot of non-destructive things that right now that’s the phase we’re in.”The homes will eventually be demolished by firefighters.The town plans to turn the space into a grassy area by next fall.