Supreme Court Hears Arguments for Husson’s Law School 

Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court sat in the new Penobscot Judicial Center for the first time on Tuesday.They heard oral arguments in favor of and opposed to Husson University’s plan to offer a law degree. The school is applying to the court to let their graduates sit for the Maine bar exam.One issue — while the school says they will comply with the academic standards set forth by the American Bar Association, they don’t plan to offer tenure to their professors. But that’s something the ABA requires.”So we’re asking the court to essentially adopt our program as the template or the blueprint, as complying with the ABA standard,” says Peter Murray, Husson University law professor. “And then, to let us have the opportunity to start the program, subject to the court’s ability to come in two years later to see how we’re doing.””We’re just very hopeful that a decision will come down favorably and as soon as possible,” says William Beardsley, Husson University president. “But that’s the court’s decision.” Husson plans to start its first law class in September, pending approval from the court. Supporters told the court Tuesday the school would help meet the need for lawyers in northern and central Maine, by offering students educational options they can’t get elsewhere in the region.