Medical Marijuana Taskforce Meets 

How, when and where will medical marijuana be distributed in Maine? Those were some of the questions tackled by a newly appointed taskforce Tuesday.Governor Baldacci assigned the committee to advise him on how to implement the law with safeguards to protect public health and safety.Adrienne Bennett reports. The state is now in charge of licensing nonprofit groups to provide medical marijuana to qualified patients. So a 14 member task force has been formed to set the rules.Rules that are suppose to be in effect within 120 days.Janet Mills: “this time period is unrealistic.” Task force member and Attorney General, Janet Mills says her biggest concern is to avoid letting the law become a breeding ground for litigation.Janet Mills: “I sure wouldn’t want my dentist working on my teeth or my electrician working on my house while under the influence of marijuana, whether it was for a medical purpose or not so these are important policy concerns.”While 13 states permit medical use of marijuana, only Rhode Island and New Mexico laws are comparable to Maine’s, putting the state in control of distribution centers.One of Tuesday’s discussions revolved around whether Maine should start out small.Brenda Harvey: “mexico in particular started with one dispensary and just recently the secretary approved 4 additional ones.” Maine is the state to have passed the measure by voters…and some of them lined the walls of the statehouse to listen in…Jonathon Leavitt heads up the Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative. Jonathan Leavitt: “based on the response we’ve gotten over the past couple weeks there are a lot of people in the state that plan on utilizing this medicine and using it effectively to deal with the conditions they are living with.”Brenda Harvey: “what we need to figure out is to what degree we will need resources and then look at the fees that will support this because one of the things that’s in the law is that this will be supported by fees.”Adrienne Bennett: The task force is expected to make its recommendations by the end of this month.