Maine Troops Deploy 

President Obama will address the nation tonight on his plan for Afghanistan.There are three deployments already set for Maine troops. The first of which will be leaving at the end of the week.The 172nd will leave for Illinois on Saturday, to begin their deployment to Afghanistan.Although President Obama is expected to announce an increase in troop deployment during his speech, Major General John Libby with the Maine National Guard says it will not impact the Maine based troops already scheduled to deploy.Libby is interested to hear about the President’s vision for the military’s future in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I want to hear the president use the word victory tonight. I want to hear him define that, so we know what the end state looks like in Afghanistan. And I want him to talk about an exit strategy based on his definition of victory.” says Libby.Captain Paul Bosse with the 172nd has his own view of victory overseas.”Ultimately it’s their country. Ultimately they are going to determine their own fate, and we’re there to help, and I think that’s a message that’s being talked about even at a national level, but I think one of my messages all along has been that because I really believe that’s they key for us, ultimately winning in Afghanistan.” says Bosse. Captain Bosse says the troops in the 172nd will be interacting with the Afghan people, in many cases doing good and helping them. He says they are excited about the duties they will be performing overseas.The two other deployments for Maine based troops are set for March.