Protest Anniversary in Bangor 

On November 30th , 1999 there were major protests that shut down a World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle.In honor of that the Maine Fair Trade Campaign held their own protest in downtown Bangor.It is a coalition of 55 groups from across the state.They work together for workers rights, and environmental issues.The organizers of the rally and march said they still have goals, and aren’t going to give up on them until they are met.” We’re all here together and that is what it all about, we’re a unique alliance of people coming together and that we’re here, we’re still working together, this is a success,” said organizer Sarah Bigney. “We’re going to go over and hopefully have a good meeting or have a good time with Senator Snowe’s staff, let them know we’re still here and that we really hopes she signs on the bill and if she’d sign on that really be a success we’re just waiting for that. ” After the rally downtown they marched to Representative Mike Michaud’s office to thank him for sponsoring The Trade Act. Then they marched to Senator Olympia Snowe’s office to deliver materials to her in hopes of getting her to co-sponsor the trade act.