New Technology Tackles Prostate Cancer 

WABI TV5 Script: Prostate cancer is the most common kind of cancer with men. There are many different treatments to fight off the disease. Adrienne Bennett reports on one technique that’s helping to save lives.Bruce Johnson: “Waiting for the answer is the worst part.” WHEN 71 YEAR OLD BRUCE JOHNSON WAS GIVEN THE NEWS THAT HE HAD PROSTATE CANCER HE WASN’T ABOUT TO GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT…WITH THE GUIDANCE FROM DOCTORS AT THE HAROLD ALFOND CENTER FOR CANCER CARE HE DID SOME RESEARCH. Bruce Johnson: “It’s a little overwhelming when you start, there’s just a lot of information out there.” 13.31.44 Because of my condition it came down to either the surgery or radiation.” JOHNSON DECIDED ON RADIATION – AND HIS DECISION WAS BASED ON CLARITY…THE CLARITY PROSTATE SYSTEM IS A 3D ULTRASOUND…Dr. Glenn Healey: “The dilemma with prostate cancer treatment with radiation is that the bladder and bowel are right next to the organ of interest, which is the prostate.” TO REDUCE RADIATION FROM HITTING HEALTHY ORGANS THE CLARITY ULTRASOUND ALLOWS DOCTORS TO PINPOINT WHERE THE PROSTATE IS AND ITS SIZE…Dr. Glenn Healey: “the clarity system allows us to guide the radiation to the target. The value in that is, it’s non-invasive, it’s safe, no side effects, it takes only about 30 seconds to acquire the image and most importantly it reduces the complications, so we get the same results with fewer complications.”Bruce Johnson: “I really only had 2 side effects, (splice) and pretty much both are gone now.”ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN AROUND FOR DECADES, BUT IT’S ONLY BEEN USED FOR TARGETING TREATMENT AREAS FOR ABOUT THE PAST TEN YEARS.MAINEGENERAL MEDICAL CENTER IS THE FIRST IN THE STATE TO USE THE CLARITY PROSTATE SYSTEM. THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE ESTIMATES THAT NEARLY 2-HUNDRED THOUSAND NEW CASES OF PROSTATE CANCER WILL EMERGE THIS YEAR…Bruce Johnson: “Don’t be afraid to be tested.” AND WHILE JOHNSON IS PART OF THAT STATISTIC, HE’S ALSO A SURVIVOR, BECAUSE HIS CANCER WAS CAUGHT EARLY.ADRIENNE BENNETT, WABI TV5 NEWS AUGUSTA.