Cyber Monday Busy Online 

If you didn’t get all of your shopping done in the early morning hours of black Griday maybe you finished up your list on this cyber Monday..It started in 2005 as retailers looked for a way to continue the sales beyond the Thanksgiving weekend.The number of shoppers on line are approaching those that were in line said Umaine Business Professor, Dr. Nory Jones, “The data that I saw from the National Retail Federation said that last year, 85 million people shopped on Cyber Monday. This year, today they’re expecting it to increase to almost 100 million people.”The recession has impacted Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. More people are shopping, but initial reports show they’re spending less money. Some are hoping for a little sweeter deal down the line.”People are waiting. It’s like this game of chicken with the retailers,” said Jones. “We’re all going ‘OK, I’m going to wait because if I keep waiting, the retailers are going to get more and more desperate and they’re going to keep deeply discounting their wares and I can get a better deal and I can afford what I really want.”Shopping outside of the store is nothing new. It has been done for years through catalogs, but there are differences between online shopping and flipping through the pages of a catalog, says Jones.”Number one, it’s instantaneous. Number two, because of the development of technologies on the internet, you’re seeing more and more interactivity like with a catalog you can read about it, ok that’s nice, but, there’s this level of customer service and interactivity that catalogs never had.”According to Professor Jones it appears the next step is already being taken in this progression.”While many of us use the internet, there’s an increasing trend in mobile shopping with the blackberrys. They were saying this year it was up to like three almost four percent of consumers are purchasing on the go with their mobile phones and their blackberrys and even that is showing a new trend.”