Bangor Teenage Author 

Children always have dreams.But for one Bangor teenager she made her dreams a reality.And held her first book signing Saturday, at the age of 17.Meghan Hayward has the story.” I was always a creative person so writing was just natural.”That creativity led 17-year-old Jessica Hodsdon of Bangor to write and publish her own book, titled Issym.” It’s about a couple of teenagers who when they were kids do what kids do. They imagined that there were dragons and fairies and all of that comes to life on another world and when their teens and self-absorbed they get sucked into the world. And everyone is looking to them like they are going to save it or destroy it.”Hodsdon started writing the book when she was just 14-years-old.And she says her age did present some challenges.” Being a minor made it so I couldn’t own a corporation so that was difficult to start a publishing company when you couldn’t own a corporation. And then editing was just a grueling process. It’s less creative and more hard work. Which is a hard thing to do in between school, work and other things.”But she overcame those obstacles and is now hosting her own book signing.Hodsdon says her mother has been right by her side the entire way. Her mom, Judy Hodsdon says when her daughter first came to her with the idea she was a little shocked.” To be honest I probably humored her because she’s been writing her whole life. Everything from little newspapers to little books. It just seemed like another idea. So I humored her and encouraged her to give it a try and see what came of it.”And now she couldn’t be prouder.” I’m amazed. I was so impressed when I started to read the book when she asked me to edit it. I was blown away and didn’t see any other option than to have her go ahead and try to get it published or publish it herself.”And this won’t be the last you hear of Jessica Hodsdon.” I have the next book in the series written and working on editing now. I’ve also started a publishing corporation an I’d really like to keep working with that and try to get other books out there than just my own.”If you missed Jessica Hodsdon’s book signing Saturday but would like to buy a copy.You can purchase it for $10.60 at Lamb’s Book and Bible in Bangor or online at