A contest for the downtown has many Bangor businesses getting in the holiday spirit. Bangor Center Management have challenged every store downtown to participate in a window display contest. Angela DiMillo has more. Its rare to hear about a controversial holiday window display in downtown bangor.RICK VIGUE/REBECCA’S STORE OWNER: “It’s probably created the most controversy in my entire 25 years of being the owner of rebecca’s.” But when rebecca’s took their famous upside-down tree out of the window. People took notice. Rick: “We took it down once and we had so many complaints we had to have it reinstated.” Back up and covered in glitz the tree is accompanied by a set of holiday decor. Parts hand painted, designed by collette king, a local artist. This display is one entered in a contest by the Bangor Center Management who have challenged every store downtown to participate. Across the street from this wall to wall scene is bella luna. a minimal representation of the holidays. SARAH PELLETIER/BELLA LUNA: “We just wanted to showcase the clothes a lot because that’s the biggest thing in here is the clothes, but we wanted to keep it simple and yet still have it holiday and festive.” ANGELA DIMILLO: “But for store owners these lights are about more then just decoration, it’s about drawing people to the downtown area.” JEN DOIRON/COUNTRY HEARTS: “When its dark we keep the lights on and the lights around the tree on it so it really lights up the store and you can really notice it at night.” The lights can guide the, and can set the mood. Mellanie sullivan a former mainer visiting from rhode island says these displays represent what she thinks of as home. MELLANIE SULLIVAN/RHODE ISLAND RESIDENT: “It reminds me of old fashioned main streets.” So weather these stores are participating in the contest or not…each light makes the downtown a little brighter.