Holiday Shoppers Hit Stores in Bangor 

After the turkey was put away, it was early to bed for lots of folks Thursday night. Because before sunrise Friday morning…they were headed to the stores.Again this year, Black Friday shoppers in Bangor were in good company.The day after Thanksgiving, the first person in line at Best Buy had been there since noon the day before. She’s an experienced pro.”We got in there at 5 last year and we were home in bed by 5:20. It was awesome.”About 400 people showed up here before the doors opened at 5 a.m. At other stores– similar lines, looking for all sorts of deals.”My husband and I are building a house, and looking for a washer and dryer, so we came out early.””Lots of toys.”Retail experts weren’t sure what to expect, but are predicting this year’s Thanksgiving sales to be on par with last year.”I was surprised. It’s supposed to be this ‘bad economy’ but they’re still hitting us pretty hard,” says Jake Cote, a portable electronic specialist at Best Buy. “The line stretches around the store and it’s starting its second loop, so it’s pretty intense.”One thing’s for certain– when it comes to shopping this early, with this intensity, everyone has a game plan.”We split up: we divide and attack.””Somebody got in line and then we all shopped.””It’s crazy, it’s hectic. It’s my third year doing this, so I’m used to it by now,” Cote says. “But it never fails to amaze me that people really do come out this early to get everything, everything they can get their hands on.”Staff at Best Buy say they ordered extra stock this year to keep shoppers happy all day long. And for those who did venture out, there was plenty of holiday cheer.”It’s been good, we’ve been chatting!””It’s really not cold out, compared to the past years. It’s just kind of something to do and something to look forward to.”At some stores, folks noticed the lines to get in were shorter this year than in years past, and wondered if more people were turning to shopping online. There are, of course, still more deals to come…on Cyber Monday.