Bangor Resident Takes Next Step to Recall Five City Councilors 

A man from Bangor who wants to recall five city councilors is ready to take the next step. Those councilors all voted against reinstating City Manager Ed Barrett.Meghan Hayward reports.” Well basically the conduct of the City Council in dismissing Ed Barrett was a catalyst. I would say it’s the main reason I got involved.”Earlier this week, bangor city councilors voted 5-to-4 to stick to their decision to end Ed Barrett’s 22 year tenure as City Manager.This has upset some residents, including James Elmore.He now wants to recall the councilors who chose to oust barrett- Pat Blanchette, Rick Bronson, Susan Hawes, David Neally and Gerry Palmer.Elmore has asked the city clerk to prepare affidavits to begin the recall procedure.And on Monday he’ll be at the Bangor Public Library to collect the signatures.” And once the ten signatures have been put on the paper and witnessed by the City Clerk we are going to go to the next stage which is the circulation of the petitions.”Elmore will have sixty days to gather more than two-thousand signatures from Bangor voters.City council member Pat Blanchette released a statement saying, ” Mr. Elmore is free to do as he chooses. It is a free country and everyone has the right and I encourage it. But I have done nothing wrong nor has my fellow councilors so I don’t feel the need to go public to defend myself. And the burden of proof is on Mr. Elmore.”Elmore says he thanks Blanchette for granting him his rights.” If she’s going to lay low that’s fine lay low. That’s not what she did at the council chambers the other day when they gathered and defended themselves by not defending themselves.”A new vision for the city is one reason councilors have given for parting ways with Barrett.Elmore’s response to that.” It’s kind of hard to have a take on something that doesn’t exist.”Which is why elmore says he is going after the recall.Something he says is not easy or pleasant.And for those interested in finding out more information about the recall.They have a Facebook page, which you can find by typing in Bangor Recall