Warning: Possible Texting Scam 

‘Tis the season to start scouring for deals, but the holidays are prime tme for scammers too. The lastest scheme may involve text messages on cell phones. Tina Landry received a text this week, it prompted her to call an 800-number to claim a $200 gift voucher from Walmart. She called. When she asked if she could get the $200 dollar voucher she was told she would if she paid a one time shipping fee of $9.90. Skeptical, Landry declined and called TV5. We asked Landry to call the number again and she was told that the promotion was part of Home Protection Services out of Florida, and once again, she was asked to pay for a one time fee to get the $200 voucher from Walmart. A TV5 reporter called the same number and was told the promotion was part of Discover Enterprises out of Arizona.TV5 contacted Walmart headquarters where officials told us that the retailer does not issue vouchers of any kind. In addition a Walmart spokeswoman released this statement, “It is unfortunate some people use the good name of reputable businesses for their own personal gain. Wal-Mart does not participate in these types of promotions and has no affiliation with them. Instead, we offer our customers tremendous value on the products they want and need each and every day in our stores. We were very unhappy to learn that there was a scam intending to defraud our customers and encourage those who may have been affected to contact the local authorities and/or the Federal Trade Commission. Wal-Mart certainly would not participate in any endeavor such as the one you mentioned.” Tina Landry says while she didn’t get any free money, her skeptism paid off. A message worth sending out this holiday season.