Some Bangor City Council Members Facing Potential Recall 

Some Bangor city council members are facing a potential recall petition.A Bangor resident has started the recall process after five councilors voted against reinstating Bangor City Manager Ed Barrett.Meghan Hayward has the story.The Bangor City Council voted 5-to-4 Monday night to stick to their earlier decision to end Ed Barrett’s twenty-two year tenure as City Manager.That has upset some residents, and one, James Elmore, has begun the process to recall the five council members who voted to oust Barrett — Pat Blanchette, Rick Bronson, Susan Hawes, David Nealley, and Gerry Palmer.The council reacted Wednesday at a hastily called press conference at City Hall.”We are fearful that if we don’t come out and talk to you people and through you to the citizens, the citizens will presume we’re hiding something and we’re not hiding anything.”Elmore has asked the city clerk to prepare affadavits to begin the recall procedure.Once 10 registered voters sign the initial affadavits, elmore will have 60 days to gather more than two-thousand signatures from bangor voters.Councilor Geoff Gratwick voted in favor of keeping Barrett on.”I will have to say Ed Barrett is a true visionary. He’s done an enormous amount for the city.”Councilors say they aren’t surprised with the recall effort, but some are disappointed.”There are two councilors in this city that chose to turn this into a circus area. I mean all I expect any day is for jugglers to come through the door.”But they say Elmore has every right to explore a recall.”It’s everybody’s right and I don’t have a problem with that.””I think when people don’t have a clue that it’s coming, it’s a surprise. And he’s been a mainstay for our community for over 20 years.”In the aftermath of the decision to part ways with Barrett, there’s been a lot of talk about a new vision for the city.”Looking for someone who can walk on water on our pond. Looking for someone to direct the staff, push for economic growth, get the arena nailed down.”TV-5 News tried contacting James Elmore Wednesday. We were unable to reach him.