Red Cross Heroes- Eben Henderson and Adam Atherton 

Brett Alexander has been friends with Adam Atherton and Eben Henderson for a long time.Last September, he learned just how valuable the relationship really is, when his two friends became life savers.Joy Hollowell introduces us to two American Red Cross heros.============It’s not unusual to find Brett Alexander here on a Saturday night, tinkering with his 1966 Ford Bronco. And usually, the owner of an automotive garage in Ellsworth, is by himself.But last September, Adam Atherton and Eben Henderson joined their friend, as the trio prepared for a big off road trip.”In the process of working on the transmission, I had put it in gear,” says Brett Alexander. “And that’s how I left it when I went to get parts. Parts I needed weren’t available, so I came back to work on another project that required starting it,” Brett turned the key without realizing the Bronco was still in the forward gear. The truck lurched forward, catching Brett’s legs and throwing him to the ground.”the way it threw me on the floor, then it drove up on my chest. I was panicked for sure,” says Brett.”I heard the chirp of the tires,” says Adam Atherton, “and I thought he might be fooling around or something,” Adam looked over to see his childhood friend being dragged underneath the massive wheel. He and Eben quickly ran over to help.”By the time I got there, the vehicle was on top of him,” says Adam.Adam reached in to turn the ignition off. Then, he and Eben literally pushed the four-thousand pound vehicle off of Brett.”it seemed like minutes, but I think it was seconds probably,” says Brett.”after we rolled it off him, we just kind of, I just let him sit there for a minute to asses himself,” said Adam.Brett says at first, he didn’t feel anything and actually tried to get up and walk. “Very quickly, I realized the pain in my leg and foot,” he says.Brett’s nine-year old son, Wyatt was also there.”he was great,” says Brett. “He didn’t panic. He was quick to go get a first aid kit, and get a chair and call his mother. He was pretty strong through the whole thing.”At the hospital, Brett learned he had broken his right foot and disconnected all the toes in his left foot. And then, the doctors told him this.”surprisingly and amazingly, there was no upper body injury at all,” Brett says. Brett believes the quick actions of his friends that day no doubt, saved his life.”there would have been nothing I could have done,” says Brett.As for being called a hero, Adam is still having a hard time accepting the title.”As for all this goes, there are far more people that are worthy of receiving awards and such for what they did,” he says.Adam did get a big thank-you from Brett and his family for his actions, he also got a job at Brett’s garage.”it was a good first interview,” jokes Adam.And, the other workers there. Well, they aren’t about to let Adam forget his new found fame.”Absolutely, yep,” says Brett. “We got an awful lot of mileage out of it, and will for a long time.”========Adam Atherton and Eben Henderson were two of six people honored this year at the American Red Cross Heros breakfast.It took place on Thursday, November 19th in Bangor.