Facebook… Friend or Foe… part two 

You can’t walk around a college campus without seeing dozens of students “facebooking” on their laptops or cell phones…Social networking sites — like facebook — have revolutionized the way people communicate and stay in touch… 1And they’re no longer just for college kids — folks of all ages are now navigating the social sites… Businesses are even using them as a marketing tool… But with the good — comes the bad … There are some hidden dangers in social networking.If you want to get to know someone, just take a look at their facebook page. Scan through their pictures. See what their favorite tv shows are. Scroll through their wall, their list of friends. You can even see what they’re doing right now. But how much information is too much information?”I think some people put way too much information out there ya!””The dark side of social networking would really be about posting something that you wish you didn’t. Once you put something on the internet it can be found forever.”Facebook is great for keeping in touch, but you might want to keep in mind, friends may not be the only ones looking at your page. Companies are using social networking sites to check out potential employees. “I think today, and in 2010, everybody is going to get googled, everybody is going to have their facebook account looked at, everybody is going to have their myspace account monitored, you just have to accept it, that’s part of the technology.”With hundreds, even thousands of pictures tagged, and a wall open to anyone for the posting, sometimes a facebook account can hinder your job hunt.”They always encourage us before we start to go through our profile and just take anything that might be kind of questionable, just get it off the page.” “It’s hard to monitor what’s getting put out there about you, so really all you can do is just pay attention to what you’re putting out there about yourself.” Experts say using privacy settings can help control the free-flow of info.”Every couple of months or even every month depending on how much stuff you want to put on facebook, go and make sure that those privacy settings are the way you want them to be.”With a simple click of the mouse you can control who can find you on facebook, what information people can see, and what kind of posting privileges your facebook friends will have.”I set them with a limited profile so that only my friends can see my things, and people I don’t really know can’t see much about me.” “I was really relieved that I can just set up my profile to private… right now if you go search my name you will never find my facebook.”With the facebook crowd getting younger, these setting are especially important for teens to use and parents to understand.”If you have kids, you need to know, you need to be a parent. You need to know what they’re doing on social networking sites, because they throw stuff out there and they don’t even think about it.” Even a picture posted when your in high school can come back to haunt you. “Once you enter the digital age, once you put that into digital format, it’s there forever.” Moral of the story, social networking helps people connect and it’s becoming a staple in today’s society. But protecting yourself should be what’s on everyone’s mind. So post with caution and make privacy a priority.”The tools are here to use them however way you want to, for the good and for the bad.”