Hermon Student Saves Friend Trapped in Car Underwater 

They say it happened in an instant.A high school senior in Hermon was on her way to work Friday when she fell asleep at the wheel. She drove into a stream and became trapped in her car– until some fellow students rushed to help.”The current was so strong and the water was so cold, I couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t see anything,” says Johnna Kenney.She says she was fighting a losing battle. After her car flipped over she was pinned upside down, completely underwater.”I was pounding on the window and trying to rip at the door handle. But my driver’s side was what hit first and it was already on the bottom of the stream, so I wouldn’t have been able to open it anyway. My mind had already turned into, I’m dead,” Johnna says.What she didn’t know — someone had seen her car’s tail lights go off the road. They’d called police and were on their way to help.”I remember everything. I can’t get it out of my head,” says Justin Choiniere.He says he recognized Johnna’s Mustang immediately. They’ve been friends since fourth grade. “I remember coming down on the embankment and then stopping because I didn’t know if she was in the car,” Justin says. “And then I could hear her scream. So I jumped in.””I heard a splash in the water and I was like, ‘It can’t be happening. No one can seriously be here right now because it’s down off the road and it was getting dark.’ And the next thing I know, Justin Chioniere was pulling me out of my car and onto shore. And started checking my vital signs,” Johnna says.Justin is training to become an EMT and knew just what to do until the ambulance arrived.”It was so quick, it just happened. It’s unreal,” Justin says.Johnna tells us she now has a new outlook on life and an even better appreciation for her friends.”If it would have been two seconds later, he wouldn’t have seen the tail light and they wouldn’t have gotten down there and pulled me out. And I’d be dead,” Johnna says.”The hardest thing is, I’m looking at a friend who could have been dead,” Justin says. “But I pulled her from the car. She’s really lucky.”