Credit Unions Team up with Good Shepard for Thanksgiving 

Maine’s first food-mobile is celebrating a milestone, its fourth anniversary.That’s how long the Good Shepherd food bank has been rolling through the state, getting food to folks who desperately need it.It’s especially helpful in communities that don’t have food pantries.Maine credit unions have been a big sponsor of the food mobile, and they celebrated Monday’s anniversary with a donation of 256 turkeys. “Maine Credit Unions are about helping communities in which they serve and what could be more community oriented than helping people have a thanksgiving,” Said Jon Paradise of the Maine Credit Union League. “That’s nice cause often, when you’re on a tight budget, you’re not able to afford such a luxury as a turkey and if you’ve ever been there before,” Said the Executive Director of the Good Shepard food bank, Rick Small. “Thanksgiving isn’t quite the same without the traditional dinner.” Since 1990 the Maine credit union’s campaign for ending hunger has raised more than three million dollars.