Busy Times at Frank’s Bake Shop 

Making a Thanksgiving meal can be a lot of work. Most people cook for half a dozen people, but some are baking for literally thousands.The folks at Frank’s Bake Shop in Bangor will be working around the clock over the next couple of days to make sure all their customers have all the ingredients for a happy holiday.”It starts Tuesday morning and we go until Wednesday afternoon.”Bakers will be working around the clock to get all the orders in for Thanksgiving.After all they’ve got about 800 dozen rolls to bake, and about 1500 pies to make. Plus, they’ll make full Thanksgiving meals and take special orders.”Because we have some people who are vegans or need to be dairy-free, so we have to have those special pies. We don’t want them to get the wrong pie, so it gets a little crazy trying to make sure every customer gets whatever.”Bernadette Gaspar makes sure the operation runs smoothly, while Ben Gunn keeps an eye on the oven. He’s been working here for 57 years. Although he officially retired in 1992, he comes back for busy times like the holidays.”It’s fun, I do all the cooking at home. I love it.”Julie Bartlett says this her 11th holiday season working at Franks, and it’s definitely tiring.”We complain, you know we have to be here tonight, everybody will be hollering because we’re all tired but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”And that’s a good thing, because they’re satisfying the taste buds of a lot of people around here. As hard as they work for thanksgiving, it’s really just a warm up for Christmas.”Christmas is usually a 16-17 hour day but this is 12, 13, 14 hour day. Oh that’s it.”