Barrett Voted Out As Bangor City Manager Again 

An attempt to reinstate Bangor City Manager Ed Barrett fell one vote short last night. The Bangor City Council voted 5-to-4 just barely stick to their earlier decision to end Barret’s 22 year tenure. “City Managers serve at the pleasure of the council and that’s something that I’ve understood,” says Barrett, “the whole time I’ve been here it’s been part of the system and I accept that. I think it was healthy that there was a public discussion last night where people had a chance to express their opinions and hear each other.”Council member Gerry Palmer hasn’t wavered, and fort he second time voted for Barrett to step down. “He’s been here a very long time, what you see is what you get,” said Palmer, “he’s been very good, he’s really a financial person in that regard, but the council felt as a whole that it was time for a change.”Councilman Hal Wheeler, who last month voted to replace Barrett, changed his vote in favor of retaining Barrett. In addition to Wheeler, Council Chairman Richard Stone, Geoff Gratwick, and new comer Cary Weston.Voting to replace Barrett was Gerry Palmer, Pat Blanchette, Susan Hawes, and David Nealley.Nearly 40 people showed up to the meeting last night to support Barret, who was given a standing ovation on his way out, but in the end the result was the same. Ed Barrett is out as Bangor City Manager.Barrett’s retirement is effective as of April 30th. He has already interviewed for the City Manager’s job in Lewiston where he is a finalist.