Wreath Company in Full Swing 

Some folks are starting to get out the Christmas decorations, which may include a balsam fir wreath or centerpiece.That’s big business for some Mainers.Whitney Wreath in Machias has almost doubled its business this year, thanks to a new contract with LL Bean.That also means a lot more jobs in Washington County.”When this opportunity came along, I paused for a moment thinking that’s a big jump, but absolutely, no question, will do,” said owner David Whitney.The opportunity was presented in April, and in a span of six months, the company created about 250 jobs.”There hasn’t been a lot of jobs in the area and to have a business that’s local get a big contract like this and hire so many employees,” said Laura Morse of Cherryfield. “That’s helping everyone in this area out.”Morse was out of work herself from January, until being hired as a supervisor in June. “I put my name in all kinds of places. No where was hiring except here and I’m fortunate to have a this job and I plan on being here as long as I can.”It means a lot to the people in the area to see a company hiring.”Well it means I have a job and I’m still doing the same thing I’ve done for years. I haven’t had to learn a whole new job,” said Morse. “I like it down here, I like travelling down here, the people are nice, Dave is a wonderful person to work for.”The response has been overwhelming according to Whitney. “Absolutely fantastic, the people of the area are just so happy for us they’re sending us thank you notes, they’re sending us flowers, they’re thanking us for doing this and to make sure this business was going to stay in Washington County. That’s very important.”