Red Cross Hero: Dylan Knowlton 

Last week, the American Red Cross honored six people at a breakfast in Bangor.Six Mainers who can went above and beyond, to save someone’s life.One of those individuals was Dylan Knowlton.He comes from a long line of lobstermen … At 11-years-old, Dylan already at home with the controls of a boat.Turns out this South Thomaston boy as a great person to have around, when you’re “in over your head”… The day started as a celebration… Dylan Knowlton and his Grandfather, Arnold Godin, were heading out get ready for a family party. “It was my son in law’s birthday so I went down to the wharf to get some clams that were out on the mooring.” “Papa he was out on the float, I stayed on the beach cuz I just wanted to look for something to do.” “When I got to the float I leaned over to untie the skiff and I went right over head first and into the water.” Godin had fallen into the freezing water right around high tide. He frantically tried to get back up onto the float. “Of course I used up most of my energy and I held on to the float for another min, realizing I couldn’t get back up on the float, so I started to swim ashore.” But the cold water and the struggle to get back onto the float proved too much – Godin couldn’t make it to shore. “I got half way and everything just went right numb. And I realized, I’m in a little bit of trouble. So I hollered to Dylan and said Dylan, you better get to the skiff and untie it and bring it over to me.” “My first thought was like, oh god I gotta get down there fast and do something about this. He’s, ya know, I gotta help him.” Despite the dangerous situation … Dylan stayed calm… “I knew what to do because my swim instructor said, don’t get in the water because if there are two people in the water they’re not gonna get anything accomplished.” Dylan’s Red Cross swimming lessons had paid off … He quickly untied the skiff and rushed out to save his grandfather. “Cool headed as he was, untied it and rode it over to me and I held on till he got me over to the float.” Once they made it to shore, Dylan drove his grandfather to the house on their ATV… He was chilled to the bone — and shaken up … but Godin was home, safe and sound. Dylan has been honored for his life saving efforts that day – He was recognized by the local fire department as well as Governor Baldacci. “I just feel like I did the right thing and I helped when I needed to.” “If he wasn’t there … I probably wouldn’t be here. 18.) I’m quite proud of my grandson.”~Kristen LaVerghetta, wabi tv5 news