Marsh Island Deer Hunt 

        The second Marsh Island deer depredation hunt, an effort to assist the City of Old Town and the Town of Orono with nuisance deer problems and public safety concerns, took place over a three-week period in October and resulted in the harvest of 46 deer.        The depredation hunt occurred between Oct. 5 and Oct. 24, and utilized the Maine Bowhunters Association (MBA) and the Bowhunters Landowners Information Program (BLIP). This year, 22 BLIP archers harvested 46 deer: 35 in Old Town and 11 in Orono. Of the 46 harvested, 39 were antlerless, including 28 adult does and 11 fawns, and seven were adult males.  An additional four deer were not recovered.  Extensive searches were made and included the use of tracking dogs in an attempt to recover these four deer.  At least 31 of the 46 deer were donated by BLIP archers to various families and individuals.