Lincoln News Demolition 

After the Lincoln News building burned down. the paper’s operations moved next door… but soon a new building will be erected.That means the old building has to come down. Photojournalist Ken Thompkins was there.”I’m Kevin Tenggren. This building has been here for a long time and just like home but in another way I’m glad it’s coming down because I want to get a new building up as quick as we can.” “My name is Nancy Hustus. I’m the production assistant. It’s exciting to me, it was sad to see it burn, but this part here is exciting. This is starting anew, a new building and a new phase of the lincoln news.””Chris Debeck in sports, editor Slash, well, let’s just say sports editor cause there’s too many other Slashes. Obviously, we’re still in the news as well as covering the news a little bit as we, you know, as the old place goes down, but just getting pictures obviously for next week, but also just kind of looking on as a bit of our history finally goes down, I guess.””I’m sad cause I’m looking into and seeing all kinds of you know, pieces of paper, you know, that I once hung onto it. It saddens me a little bit because you know, the history of the place and we’re losing that but at the same time, it’s a new beginning, I guess, you can say, a chance for us to start fresh and start creating a new history, if you will.””Everybody’s been buying the paper so it’s helping us to rebuild and we really appreciate their help. Just sad to see, you know.”