Kidnapping Declared Hoax 

A kidnapping turned out to be a hoax in Bangor. At about 6am Friday morning Bangor Police received information that Mr. Daniel Chute was being held captive in an automobile in the Bangor Mall Cinema’s parking lot on Stillwater Avenue.Police say these captors were demanding several hundred dollars to be wired to them and if they didn’t get the money, they would shoot Chute. After more than two hours of cell phone company assistance using satellites to “ping” the location of the phone the victim was using.Mr. Chute was located hanging out in a car with a male and a female in the parking lot of Burlington Coat Factory. Mr. Chute was interviewed and charged.This apparent hoax required manpower from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office, including devoting a full time dispatcher to monitor the call, several work hours dedicated to the case, and the burden placed on representatives at AT&T who constantly updated satellite coordinate information.