Construction Begins On Phase 2 Of Stetson Wind Project 

State and local officials were on hand in Danforth to announce the second part of a wind project known as Stetson 2. Chris Gardner, a Washington County Commissioner says wind power could give the economy here a big boost. “We think it does have a future here in Washington County and continue to send the message that Washington County is open for business for these types of developments and we’ll do all we can to further development.”First Wind, an independent wind power company, will once again oversee the project. They were also in charge of Stetson 1, which included 38 wind turbines. First Wind CEO Paul Gaynor says it was an enormous economic success. “We left something in the area of $50 million of the money we spent on Stetson 1, it stayed in Maine, and a good chunk of that was in Washington County. Most of the people who are working on this project are from Maine and a good chunk of them are from Washington County, so it’s great that we’re able to put people to work.”17 windmills will be built as part of the second phase. A small group of protestors gathered at the grounbreaking to voice their dissapproval of inland wind farms. Marilyn Roper owns a camp near the area and says that these inland wind farms are not good for Washington County. “When you look at the overall picture, the situation is, these inland wind farms that are being built are not green, they’re not clean. The only green comes from the money being ripped off from the taxpayer.”Gardner says he respects the opinions of those opposed to the wind farms but he thinks the wind farms are in the best interest of Washington County. “But ultimately I think it comes down to you’re not going to please all the people all the time. I appreciate their point of view, but the majority of people in this area think this is good for the county and for Maine.”rob poindexter, wabi tv5 news, danforth.>