Bangor High School Student Organizes Marriage Equality Rally 

Nearly three weeks after election day a Bangor High School student continues to fight for a cause she believes very deeply in. Antonia Carroll is a junior at Bangor High School and a fierce supporter of marriage equality. So it’s no surprise how she was feeling the morning of November 4th. “I was horrified, I had been up the whole the night, I couldn’t do my homework, I had been up the whole night monitoring election results. “Carroll is 16-years-old, not even eligible to vote but this particular question on the ballot struck a chord with her. “It’s extremely important to me, I mean there are some issues that I’m extremely motivated for, but when this one came up, it’s huge because this one is about equality.”So Carroll decided she wasn’t going to take this defeat lying down. “The very next day I emailed the Peace and Justice Center about organizing this event.” The rally she organized at Pickering Square in Bangor drew a crowd of around 50 people. The adults on hand say they admire the spirit of this 16-year-old.Dana Williams lives in Belfast and works with kids in the Bangor and Brewer area. He says it’s exciting to see kids taking an interest in politics. “To have young people picking up this torch and carrying it forward is I think absolutely critical,” he says.Many people at the rally who supported gay marriage think the younger generation hold the key to swinging the next vote in favor of gay marriage in future elections. “It is absolutely amazing,” says Williams, “we’ll be helping out the next time this comes to a vote but it’s going to be these young people here who who are going to be spear heading that, and this is just the kind of enthusiasm and positive approach that it’s going to take.”As for Antonia Carroll, she vows to keep on fighting this fight and in two years she’s looking forward to casting her first ballot. “It’s sort of an outreach to anyone who hasn’t decided yet or hasn’t realized yet, or anyone who is really discouraged about this to give them a hope and to understand that we’re not going to give up and this is a really important issue we can’t give up on.”